Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property is an increasingly complex arena. At Oppenheim Legal we utilise our shrewd understanding of technology and commerce to ensure this corporate capital is utilised efficaciously for our clients. We operate to secure these assets and work them to your advantage.


Protection is paramount

IP concerns the protection of your business’ investment in creative effort. IP takes many forms, from copyright to patents, trademarks and trade secrets. These are unified by a need to mitigate potential infringement of your proprietary rights. Consulting someone with legal experience is vital to the adequate and effective protection of those rights.

Keep it confidential

Be mindful of the disclosure of your IP interests, as this can be detrimental to these interests. Consider employing confidentiality agreements to preserve these assets.


Familiarise yourself with the issues specific to the form of IP in which you are dealing. These are governed by the particular rules and regulations of distinct pieces of statute, with scope extending to the application of international law in certain circumstances.



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