Financial Services

Without the right experience, your finances and assets cannot be used to their full advantage. Oppenheim Legal is highly proficient in providing financial advice to accountants, brokers, financial planners, investment or corporate advisors and other experts. Utilise that commercial nous to achieve the most favourable outcomes for you and your business.


Be methodical

The Financial Services industry is increasingly complex and continuously evolving. Astute advice in combination with a systematic approach is essential in adequately addressing the multi-faceted legal issues common to this sector.

Consult a client-focused team

Processes involved with complicated law can be time consuming. It is much more efficient when advisors and clients operate within a highly collaborative environment. Seek opinion from an expert who is driven by your interests to be delivered the most comprehensible, useful and prompt results.

Appreciate the aims of the Regulators

Several regulatory bodies govern the Financial Services sector, including but not limited to ASIC and APRA. It is helpful to gauge an understanding of the objectives of these regulators in order to deal with them effectively.



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