Innovation & Start-ups

Transforming an innovation into a prosperous business requires meticulous planning, substantial effort and strong ambition. Oppenheim Legal will journey with you, utilising our significant experience in pioneering methods that are technologically and financially savvy to breed the success of your enterprise.


Commercial knowledge is invaluable

Whilst the game of business is played for fantastic stakes, be mindful that you are competing with experts. To dominate the game, obtain advice from those experienced in navigating the field. This will provide you with the best position to kick-start your business.

Safeguard your interests

Business dealings inevitably present the prospect for dispute. This is particularly true of start-ups, where innovation begins as intangible property – an idea. Examining your options and potential conflicts can be time-consuming and challenging, but it is necessary to best protect your interests.

Review previous employment contracts

The success and even existence of your new business may be dependent upon whether it conflicts with a binding restraint of trade. It is advisable such restraints are verified against to avoid your business being made redundant as well as avert the prospect of costly legal proceedings.



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