Executive Employment

Quality employees make successful business. Oppenheim Legal employs its extensive knowledge of the commercial sector to ensure your interests are protected, utilising contractual experience and methodical strategy to yield optimum results for you as an employer or prospective employee.


Emphasise shared values

Businesses are most effective when they comprise a harmonious organisational structure. Observance of an alignment between corporate goals and values with that of a prospective employee will be most productive of mutually beneficial outcomes.

Construct and review contracts with care

Employment contracts are lengthy and complex when the stakes are high, as is the case for executive positions. These contracts should be created and examined rigorously. Be mindful of any clauses that may favour the other party.

Be firm in negotiation

As a potential executive employee, it may be to your advantage to make amendments to your employment contract. To make the most sensible and informed decision, take a guarded approach and consult a legal expert before entering these contracts.



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