Contractual agreements are integral to commercial dealings. The team at Oppenheim Legal has sharply refined skills in contract drafting and review. We excel in challenging, high-stakes dealings – driven to provide the professional service of the highest quality by persistently preserving and promoting your interests.


Utilise experience to master the game

Contracts are inevitable in business, with success being marked by your ability to compete on an equal footing. To become a master of the game seek legal advice from an experienced firm that can deliver the best results.

Be open to negotiation

It is to your benefit to be pragmatic when negotiating commercial contracts. An unreceptive attitude can be obstructive, contributing to unnecessary expenditure of your time and money. Making accommodations can potentially result in superior outcomes.

Express your intentions

Be aware of your rights and liabilities during all stages of contractual dealings, not simply on exchange of formal documents. Avoid being bound by pre-contractual negotiations by expressing your intentions clearly to the other party at all times.



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