Executive Employment



When Can a Director of a Company Face Criminal Charges?

Company directors are entrusted with important rights and responsibilities in the management of their company and are given some leeway in determining how best to use these rights. However, they are also expected to meet their responsibilities to a very high standard and breach of these standards of conduct can have very serious consequences. In […]


Shadow Directors and the Importance of Clearly Defining One’s Corporate Role

Directors of companies are empowered to make important decisions concerning the running of their organisation and are therefore entrusted with a great deal of responsibility. This means that directors not only possess certain rights but also undertake a certain degree of risk in case of serious mismanagement or misconduct. It is therefore important that directors […]


Is a Director an Employee?

Identifying whether you, as a director, are also an employee is incredibly important. For instance, a determination that you are in fact an employee will mean that you are entitled to the statutory rights of an employee. This article will elucidate the law around directorship to provide you with clarity about your position. A director […]


What Fiduciary Duties are Owed by Officers of a Corporation?

Company directors are vested with full control of the running of the organisation, but with great power comes great responsibility. Directors owe strict fiduciary duties to the corporation that can import severe liability if these responsibilities are not met. The extent of the duties varies depending on the nature of the corporation and the level […]


Restraint of Trade and Anti-Solicitation Clauses

Restraint of trade and anti-solicitation clauses play an important role in many executive contracts. They ensure that the successes of one organisation are not so easily co-opted by rivals. However, there are limits on how far they can stretch in restraining competition. When drafting a contract, it is important to ensure that the terms do […]


Negotiating an Executive Employment Contract

Effective negotiation of an executive employment contract is imperative for both prospective employees and employers. By fervently advocating your own or your business’ interests, negotiation will provide for balanced outcomes and will foster a strong working business relationship. Executive employees are those employees that operate at managerial levels, extending from junior managers to senior executive […]


What Happens When there is a Partnership Disagreement?

Partnership arrangements can be profitable and fulfilling. However, as with all relationships, partnership disagreements can and do arise as to what may be in the best interests of the venture. If you and your business partners are at odds as to whether it is time to dissolve the partnership and sell the related assets, it […]



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