Corporate Structuring



Update on Australian Insolvency Laws

The changes to insolvency laws this year are anticipated to have a positive impact on the innovation and start-up sphere. The crucial objective of these laws is to create an environment which will encourage entrepreneurs to be bold and persevere in their creative endeavours, as well as encourage others to invest in Australian business. Starting-up […]


What Happens When there is a Partnership Disagreement?

Partnership arrangements can be profitable and fulfilling. However, as with all relationships, partnership disagreements can and do arise as to what may be in the best interests of the venture. If you and your business partners are at odds as to whether it is time to dissolve the partnership and sell the related assets, it […]


Restructure Your Business – A How To Guide

If you believe you may need to restructure your business you should consider not only what structure you would like to move towards but also the processes involved in corporate restructuring. Some restructures are as simple as altering the corporate constitution. Others, however, are more complex. Ensuring that the method chosen is appropriate for the […]


Corporate Restructuring – When is it Necessary?

Corporate restructuring can occur for a variety of reasons, for both positive and not so positive reasons. In some situations, it is necessary as a result of a simple change in operating procedure; in others as the result of new ownership. Restructuring can provide your organisation with a shot in the arm to take your […]


Key Aspects of a Business Partnership

A partnership is one of many types of structures a business may take. It is typically considered one of the simplest and most common forms of business association. A thorough understanding of what a partnership involves will be valuable in the context of deciding whether it is the most appropriate structure for your business. A […]


Regulation of Mergers under Australian Law

Mergers are a relatively common business strategy in corporate structuring. It is, however, integral that in affecting a merger your business does not fall foul of competition law. If you are considering undertaking a merger, it is important you understand the regulation of mergers and the circumstances in which they will be considered anti-competitive, as […]


Removing Shareholders from a Company

Many companies may face the challenge of removing shareholders from a company. There are two options, being cancelling the shares, or undertaking a buy-back of the shares. The process of resolutions would depend on the constitution of the company (and the relevant replaceable rules), and how many directors there are. Shares cannot be cancelled unless […]



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