Commercial Transactions



Who are Agents and What Do They Do?

In an increasingly interconnected and fast moving commercial world, companies and businesses must rely on the competency of others to ensure their business will be capably and efficiently carried out. In particular, parties can delegate their authority to conclude and carry out business contracts to agents – authorised representatives of their interests that can make […]


Beware of Buyer: Sellers’ Remedies

Much of the focus of competition and consumer law focuses on protecting buyers from unscrupulous sellers (generally larger companies where there is an imbalance of bargaining power). However, sellers also need protection from the misbehaviour of some buyers; for example, in situations involving commercial parties where a buyer wrongfully withholds payment or repudiates the contract […]


Acceptable Quality, Unsafe Products and Liability for Businesses

A business which supplies or manufactures goods must ensure that those goods are of an acceptable quality. As a provision under the Consumer Guarantee Provisions of Australian Consumer Law (ACL), the guarantee of acceptable quality is automatic and any breach will incur liability on the part of businesses that provide the good, such as where […]


Commercial Dealings and the Consumer Guarantee Provisions

It is important for both business and consumers to be aware and understand the implications of the Consumer Guarantee Provisions under the Australian Consumer Law (ACL). As the name suggests, these guarantees are automatic and must be abided by businesses who provide goods or services to consumers. This article will examine the ACL guarantees to […]


Selling Your Business Overseas?

Selling your business overseas can be an exciting and rewarding experience, particularly given recent increases in foreign buyers seeking to purchase Australian organisations. However, it is important to remember that selling your business overseas to non-Australian purchasers can present some additional statutory obligations that must be met in order to ensure a successful transaction. These […]


Selling or Exiting your Business – Decisions and Obligations

Several factors must be considered when you decide your best course of action is selling or exiting your business. A careful and thoughtful decision-making process undertaken with astute advice is imperative to ensuring your interests are best protected. If you have decided selling or exiting your business, the first step should involve a considered reflection […]



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